Useful Tips for You to Choose Golf Bag

As you known, bringing the golf instruments and equipment around us is one of the obstacles in the golf sport we often have. Therefore, it is not easy for you to find a golf bag that can help players improve convenience when they play golf. This also means that it is necessary to find a golf bag that is suitable for each player.
If you are not a professional golf player, it is impossible for you to have a that will carry your bags while you are playing golf, so choosing golf bag should be depended on the way you play golf.
You should know that each golf bag has different prices and features. For a long time, golf player wants to carry a golf club while carrying several balls and avoid being the waterproof outdoor.  Here is useful information on different types of golf bags as well as their advantages and disadvantages, which will help you a lot.

The Golf Bags for Golf Clubs:

  • Carry bag

This is considered as the most basic and popular golf bags today. With the simple structure, it is a type of bag that has strap but you can bring it and move while you are playing golf. This bag has a diameter of five to eight inches and its weight is rather light with three point five pounds.
The choice for this type of bag is incredibly much. All the leading manufacturers of these types of bags are for quality carry bag. Most carry bags now come with double straps to equally weight of the bag on both shoulders of the bag gives the comfortable feeling as possible. This is one of the lightest bags, not expensive and help players quite comfortable while on the move.
  • Sunday bag

This bag is another type of carry bag and it has become more and more popular. These bags have lightweight and their version is thinner than the Carry Bag. However, with diameter up to six inches, so it is easy for it to contain fourteen sticks easily.
Sunday bag has very thin design, so you can put it in a locker or car trunk easily. As a result, you can find convenient when moving. It would be ideal for playing golf under nice weather. On the other hand, these bags cannot protect clubs in rainy conditions.
  •  Cart bag

Cart bag is specially designed for the car. It is created mainly for older golf players or women. These bags are quite large but they can easily fit comfortably on a trolley.
Cart bag comes with a lot of models  from different manufacturers, they features a lot of space in order that players can have more storage for other items such an as ball, clubhead cover…In addition, these  compartments  often lie on the same side of the bag, which give the golfer feel easy to play the bag in the car.
  • Tour bag

Tour bag is known as the biggest bags of golf bags. This bag has a diameter of about ten inches and its weight is up to twenty-one kilogram.  Additionally, it is mainly for professional golf players.
The tour bag is very large, (approximately nine inches or more) in order that the professional athletes can put more their balls, food boxes, umbrella, gloves or clothes.
  • Travel bag

Travel bag is made for golfer to carry during their travel. This bag will protect your golf bags during your journey.
Hope that you can choose the best golf bag for yourself due to the above info.

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