Useful Info on Nutrition for Golf Players

Nutrition plays an important factor to help golfers achieve maximum strength about physical as well as mental.
In most sports, athletes are concerned about nutritional issues to get the best performance in the matches. However, in golf, few people pay attention to it because they think golf is a slow-moving sport, so they should not need to spend a lot of energy.
Indeed, most of the diet of golf player is often not good for their health. We can say that they are people with the worst dining as they only focus on sports and sometimes they forget their daily menu.
Food that golfers often have is pancakes, eggs, biscuits, sausage, countless snacks and fried potatoes and sugary drinks and beer to avoid the thirst quickly. The worst was in the hole 19, unscientific eating habits continue to harm the health of golfers.
You should know that nutrition in golf would help you have a good stamina to score good marks. Golf is a sport that requires concentration, patience, stability, and rhythm. A golfer needs a scientific diet to give them full of energy during a round of golf. Only a healthy body and a clear mind can make you get the focus, power, and flexibility throughout the eighteen holes without oscillation.
The following are some helpful info on food before; during and after the golf match, you should know

1. What You Should Eat Before the Golf Tournament

Before a round of golf, it is a good idea for you to choose nutritious food that will not cause bloating and fat restrictions. You can eat bread or pasta with a small slice of fish or meat.
Fruit and vegetables are considered as the best food for you before you begin the golf game. These are the type of food that has anti-oxidant, which will help you protect the cells of the body from the harmful chemical reaction. What is more, you should never forget to drink water to balance the moisture of the skin.

2. Food for You to Play Golf Well

You should avoid fast foods such as cakes, beer, carbonated soft drinks…Although these foods can provide energy quickly, you will feel sluggish and tired because of insulin when the body releases insulin to counteract the sudden rise of blood sugar, Therefore, the smart choice for you are the snacks that are naturally derived from cereals,  fat, fruits protein.. This is the best way for you to have full power to hit a round of golf.

3. Food You Should Eat After Playing Golf

Sports experts always encourage sports players to supplement any energy after any sports, ideal interval of forty-five minutes after the end of the round. In the first five minutes of the game, the enzyme will add energy at the highest level. Additionally, insulin will rebuild the protein chain at its peak. Therefore, a mixture of starch and protein such as yogurt, fruit, peanut butter bread or some nuts will maintain muscle, add glycogen and reduce fat in your body.
Some notes when eating:
  •  Chew carefully while eating for the stomach to digest food better
  •   Eat adequate amounts; overeating will make you feel indigestion and bloating.
  •  Do not eat processed foods and fast foods because they make you feel hungry and want to eat quickly.
  •  Do not skip breakfast and drink more fresh fruit juice.

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