Things Must Be Considered To Buy The Best Golf Rangefinder

One of the most useful device for golf players, even professional golfers, is golf rangefinder because of its advantages in significantly support for the game. However, due to hundreds of different variety of devices in the market, choosing the best golf rangefinder may make you feel difficult and wonder how to pick a right one. You can refer UBERGOLF for visiting website providing you a wide range of selection.

Here are some must – be – considered points to reduce your difficulty when making decision  by narrowing down your search.


1/ Features

The first and foremost thing you should consider when going shopping for a golf rangefinder is its features. Thinking about what features you need will give you first good direction for buying your best one. There are two typical features:

  • Basic feature: If you are a new player and just need fundamental functions from your device, you can choose a slope edition rangefinder with a lot of selections from many brands such as Jolt Technology, ESP and also a Vivid Display.
  • Advanced feature: If you are an experienced or professional player and have more requirements for your device, you can have a look on some tournament edition golf rangefinders such as Bushnell Pro X7 with 7x magnification, PinSeeker, and Jolt.

However, remember about specific purpose of each type of these features. Tournament legal rangefinder is determined for tournaments so that it is impossible to use slope edition devices for that purpose.


According to your aim of playing, you also should make sure about permission of USGA (United State Golf Association) whether your golf rangefinder is allowed for tours or not. And it does not need to care about that in case you just aim to use the device for playing as a leisure activity instead of considering it as a professional game.

2/ Maximum Distance Range

Basically, the function of range finder is to measure the distance for your hit with each golf club. Therefore, determining the maximum distance range also help you know how useful the device is for you. It is noted that the range of normal device in the market is from 1 – 1500 yard. Some other advanced devices like Bushnell Tour V3 have a larger range, up to 900 meters. Moreover, make sure about the climatic condition in case you expect for a device can working well in rain mode.


3/ Weight And Size

This point is often forgotten due to buyers forget to think about carrying a heavy rangefinder around the golf course for many hours so that it will make them very tired. Ideally, your device should be not too heavy to easily transport. Also, small size, lightweight, and compact finders will help you easy to hold and help you read quickly.

4/ Ease of Use

While a professional golf player has not mattered in using golf rangefinders, newbies often get some trouble with this kind of device. If you have a complicated device, it probably gives you much more and harder time while trying to use it.  Remember, a good golf rangefinder is when you can use it effectively and efficiently. There are some basic devices with only two buttons to run all functions may help you get easier. So, choose an elementary device is extremely a good idea if you are a golf newbie who does not want to lose concentration and time by a complex range finder. Here some tutorials that you can watch to have an idea on your rangefinder:

5/ Budget

Thinking about the budget or your affordability is always important when you want to buy something, especially for a costly device as golf rangefinders. There are a lot of options for golf rangefinders covering from reasonable to high – cost. Thus, take your time to make your financial plan, carefully consider and make comparisons among golf rangefinder brands then give your decision. Remember, the best device is not only reasonable but also essentially functional

6/ Customer Reviews

The customer review is a very helpful source for you to get more confidence on the golf rangefinder you are looking for. Reading a review from other people who are using that device or get experience on that device is enable you to have consideration about the quality of the product or advice from them also help you to make a good selection.

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