Golf Dress Code For Men And Women

There is no sets of rules for dress code to play any kinds of sports. However, especially for golf, you may not be allowed to enter some courses if you do not wear proper dress code provided by the course it self. How you choose your golf clothes depends on your styles and personal references.
However, whether you are newbie or already have experiences in playing golf, you perhaps know that ‘golf is not only a sport, it is about business.’ Therefore, you would want to have smart look as much as possible in order to give good first impression to your partner. However, dress code is also varied due to different situations and occasion such as private course, competition or leisure playing.
  • Golf Club Dress Code

Particularly, if you are going to play golf in private course, they may require you to follow specific dress codes. Some courses will not let you enter without proper clothes. You should check in advance by calling or reading information on their website if you go to a totally new course. So be prepare to have right dress code of shirts, trousers, belt, shoes as well as slacks.
  • Casual Dress Code

On the other hand, for leisure playing time, there is not strict dress code to follow. In this case, the priority in wearing clothes is to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Basically, you just need to follow basic rules of clothes in golf sport including collared shirt, pants, shoes, vest (for colder weather). General rules are also described as follow.
Here is the general guide of dress code for men and women in golf sport:
  • Shirts

At some point, tennis shirt can be used for playing golf also. In general, a proper shirt for golf should have collar and short sleeves. Materials that are believed to be good for usage are microfiber, polyester or traditional cotton. In comparison, women are freer to choose golf shirt than man. In some cases, women can wear collar-free shirt but men usually can not.
  • Trousers

For the dress in bottom part, many kinds of clothes can be worn. If you are men, you can wear trousers or pants. For women, you have the same choices as men plus skirt. As golf course is full of green grass, there is no cuffs in the pants in order not to stick any dirty and dust into your pants. You should never wear jeans in the course even though you can still move and swing freely with jeans. It is ridiculous to wear jeans in any kind of sport playground. Trousers and pants for golf sports are usually made by cotton or khaki so that it offers golfers comfortable feeling.
  • Shoes

A pair of shoes is always one of the most important equipment in any footwear gears. In golf, you should be able to maintain high level of stability so that you will perform better shoot and swing. Therefore, you should have shoes which have rubber or plastic spikes and soles. Sneaker shoes for running and walking is somehow acceptable. However, most of the courses ban metal spiked shoes as these shoes dig up the green grass. In addition, sandals and boots are not proper shoes to wear on the golf course.

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