How To Find The Correct Grip And Flex

1/ Know Clearly Your Swing Speed, If Possible

Once you have nailed down the appropriate angle and length of the golf club you need, next, in the process of customization, you figure out which type of grip and flex works for your special playing style best. To do it, the majority of custom fitters may want to see how you swing. However, you can choose offering a few your basic and essential information for figuring out which one improve your golf skill as much as possible:
  • To determine the speed of your swinging, you will need to access to a radar machine and an electric launch monitor available at most of professional stores because this is quite difficult to perform at home. Generally, the majority of amateurs fall in the neighborhood of 80 – 85 mile (129 – 137 km/ hour swing).
  • Normally, if golfers play with fast swings, they will love the iron shaft on the iron and stiff shafts on the wood. On the contrary, players with slower swings will like graphite shaft on the iron and flex shaft on the wood.

2/ Keep Track Of How Far You Hit Your Drive Consistently

Once hitting with a wooden driver, it is useful to keep track of players’ average drive on every different club that is able to help to match you – golfer with drivers’ a suitable flexed set. Below are the guidelines of determining the flex your woods had better get
  • Utilize ladies flex, if it is less than 165 meters (180 yards)
  • Utilize senior flex, if it is between 166 – 183 meters (181 – 200 yards)
  • Utilize regular flex, if it is between 183 – 215 meters (200 – 235 yards)
  • Utilize stiff flex, if it is between 216 – 251 meters (236 – 275 yards)
  • Utilize extra-stiff flex, if it is more than 251 meters (275 yards)

3/ Determine The Correct Flex For Your Irons

Depending on which golf club you regularly play a shot of 137 meters (150 yards), you can determine iron flex. Therefore, in case you were lining up for taking a shot of 150 yard, which golf club you would reach for:
  • Ladies flex for a four or five iron
  • Senior flex for a five iron
  • Soft regular flex for a six iron
  • Regular flex for a seven iron
  • Firm flex for a seven or eight iron
  • Stiff flex for an eight iron
  • Extra stiff flex for a nice iron

4/ Fit Every Golf Club Wearing Gloves

A pair of good golf gloves had better fit as snugly as possible without being creases or wrinkles. To have the most comfortable and secure contact, it must works with your individual golf club’s grip. Generally, the bigger size of your glove, the bigger grip you ought to utilize.
Normally, size of grip ranges from oversized model of men to the standard size of ladies. Pay attention that a wrong grip will cause friction even disrupt your perfect swing. To determine a pair of golf gloves fit, let you utilize the pinch test. You had better get only a pinch of material at your fingers’ tips and without pinch in your hand’s palm absolutely. To have a correct grip, utilize the proper glove’s size:
  • Utilize a lady standard grip, in case you utilize a cadet-small or small glove.
  • Utilize a standard grip, in case you utilize a medium-large or medium glove
  • Utilize a mid-size grip, in case you utilize a big glove
  • Utilize an oversize grip, in case you utilize an extra big glove.

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