What Should Be Considered Before Joining Any Golf Club Membership

Golf sport has been more and more popular in recent year. The sport is taken as leisure hobbies as well as good train for your health. There are many healthy benefits which you can get from playing golf. Obviously, you burn many calories by playing golf around 300 to 600 calories per hours. At the same time, you can strengthen your health also as many muscles need to be in cooperation when you have a swing. Moreover, at some point, you will improve your vision since your eyes need to work a lot in order to kick the ball into the small hole.
If you are totally fresh in golf sport. After you have prepared yourself with a good set of golf clubs as well as proper dress code, you now might want to come to the playground and play. There are many golf course that you can join, play as well as practice there. However, if you ever want to be particularly a membership of any private golf club, you should have a look throughout this article to find out benefits and drawbacks of joining the golf club.

Pros of Being A Golf Club Member

  • If you choose any golf club to join, you would choose the one that fit you the most. Therefore, you have much easier access to the golf facilities and playground. In addition, you have unlimited access to the course.
  • As a membership, you will have a sense of friendship with other members in the same club as well. You will feel that you belong and interact with other to create a valuable relationship. Especially for business, you may appreciate changes to make a relationship with others. Besides, basically, you just have new friends in and off from the course as well as broaden your relationship.
  • Since you are the membership, you will have more advantages than others in term of playing condition. For example, the playground will not have so crowed. Therefore, you are able to freely move quicker in the course. Particularly for those who are busy, you can save much time in the course and totally focus on your practice.
  • The courses for members are also more challenging and well maintained than others. They usually have the regular and fixed schedule to maintain golf courses to be always in good condition for membered customers.

Cons of Being A Member

  • Obviously, the cost is the thing that many people consider about if they want to join the membership of golf club. It can not be denied the expensive cost for joining golf club membership. In term of cost, you always need to pay initial fees about thousand dollars which vary depends on the level of the club. Initial cost can be in the range of 1 500 to 5 000 dollars. Besides, you need to pay for other fees such as monthly fee, minimums (for food and golf shops), miscellaneous costs, club debt, etc.
  • One pity from being a member of a particular golf club is that your friends may not be in the same club. Therefore, you are not able to play with your favorite partner.

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