How To Clean Your Golf Clubs

Your set of clubs is one of the most important golf equipment besides your balls. Having a suitable set with proper clubs will help you to enhance your chance of winning as well as improving your game experience.
If you already have your own set of clubs, you would already know how hard it is for you to select the right set of clubs, how expensive it cost you and how many time you have to spend on choosing the right one. Therefore, it is crucial that you know how to maintain your clubs for them to always be in good condition. If you can do it, you would be able to increase their durability and hence save you a lot of money in the long run.
In order to take proper care for your set of clubs, one of the most important steps is cleaning them right after you finish your game. After a long day at the course filed, your clubs will get a lot of dirt. If you don’t clean them right away, these pieces of dirt will damage the material of your clubs, which will then shorten the life of them and negatively affect your performance.
If you don’t know how to clean your golf clubs in the right way, here are the steps of cleaning them for you:

1/ Create The Washing Mixture

First of all, you need to prepare a bucket of washing mixture by mixing warm water with dish soap inside it. Just pout warm water and the soap with the ratio of 5:1.
The amount of water just only needs to cover the head of the golf clubs, not the entire stick of these clubs.
Please keep in mind that you only should use warm water. Hot water might damage the metal material of the head of the golf clubs.

2/ Put Your Clubs Inside The Water

In the next step, you should put your clubs inside the bucket so that the head of the clubs is totally submerges into the warm water.  Leave all of these clubs there for about 7 to 10 minutes.
In case of the woods, you should not soak them into warm water. Move straight to step 3 instead.

3/ Scrub Your Clubs

Take all of the clubs one by one out of the basket and scrub them. You should use a thick bristle brush to get rid of tough and stubborn dirt more easily.
You need to scrub the first, the back as well as the top and bottom of a club’s head thoroughly until there is no sign of dirt. You should apply a moderate pressure on scrubbing only to avoid leaving scratches on the surfaces of the head of clubs.
After scrubbing, you should give the club a quick wash under the running water until all of the dirt comes off and the head is shiny like new.

4/ Dry Your Clubs

When you finish cleaning all of the clubs, you need to dry them off with a soft and dry cloth. Make sure that all of the clubs are completely dry before you put them back into your bag to avoid over humidity inside it.
I hope that you find the step by step guide that I provide easy to follow. As long as you can clean them on a regular basis and right after you come back home from your game, you would be able to maintain your golf clubs at their main conditions and in the long run, have the best performance with your clubs.

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