Benefits Of Playing Golfs

Golf is not only a sport but it is also an industry worst around 70 billion dollars in the United States. The sport attracts 24 million players joining the match and practice. Golf has long history over thousand years ago, it is first played in the past by Roman people. After that, the sport has become more and more popular among men in Scotland and England.
The golf is more likely to have female players since the 15th century. The sport was also played in the United States and become more popular since then. According to the result of one poll conducted in the United States, approximately 19 percent of American are fans of golf.
Here are some facts about golfs which you may have not heard before:
  • Firstly, golf was banned for several years in Scotland in 1457 by King James II. The reason why he did so is that he want people not to be distracted by the game and focus on protecting the country from English army.
  • 2016 Olympic in Rio de Janeiro is the first time after 112 years that golf is listed  as a sport for competition in Olympic games. Golf joined the first Olympic game in 1900. After Olympic of the year 1904, golf was removed from list of game for competition.
  • Besides, the richest athlete ever is also a golfer whose name is Tiger Woods. He earned more than 1 billion dollars on golf in 2009.
There are many arguments which discuss whether golf is considered as a sport. However, not any single conclusion has been reached because the lack of claims and evidences from both sides. Not any official study was made to define whether golf is considered as a sport or a game. People who agree golf is a sport show out benefits which golf gives out as a sport. Here are highlighted pros of a golf sport.
  • Golf is defined to be an athletic activity engaged for leisure. Moreover, it can be considered as physical activity. Therefore, your muscle is used while playing golf. As a sport, golf is a good way to achieve healthy status even though it might not bring you fit shape faster as gym or other sports. Once you do a swing shot, it requires the coordination of 17 muscles in your arms, hand, legs, wrists and abdomen. While practicing golf, you also need to be able to walk around 4 or 5 miles.
  • What most of the people seek in doing job is to be healthy and get fit. You can determine that golf is good for your health if you know how much calories you burn while playing golf. At the same time you practice golf, you also burn much calories even though it is believed that golf is less physical intension than other sports. On one hand, you burn 360 calories every hours by playing golf without a cart. On the other hand, a number of burned calories can be reach up to 721 calories with a cart practicing included.
  • Perhaps, you might heard of the phrase ‘golf is not only a sport, but it is about business.’ There are dozens of contracts and business agreements which are signed in a golf court. There are so many businessmen and businesswomen who are fans of playing golf, which is an important element in getting your contract to reach its final decision.

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